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Cherish Watson

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Born Sept.3,1982 from Miami Fl moved to Miramar in 95 started getting into art at the age of 12 years old my inspiration is life and everything around us other artists inspire me as well.
The main ppl who influence me is other artist from the 1900's to my generation Elizabeth Catlett, Kara Walker,  Vincent van Gogh, Gino Belizaire, and John Born.
My goal is the be great to be known for my passion and creativity, to let everyone one know they all are artists in God's eyes.

Richard Untamedink Dubose



Richard Dubose born Feb.15 1989 rasied in Dania beach Florida. First black tattoo artist from the west side of Dania and part of the brother hood Eastcoast tattooers

"Art is my passion"

Ne'chelle Straughter (KASPVR)



Ne’Chelle Straughter (Kaspvr) is a 22-year-old local artist from Broward County, FL. Primarily focusing on the traditional mediums such as pencil and paint, Ne’Chelle also practices digital media techniques, such as Photoshop and digital painting. The name Kaspvr, inspired by Casper the Ghost, was chosen to personify her artistic spirit; “my artistic spirit is free, and it can’t be killed so even when I die from my body, that spirit will always echo through my work”. Ne’Chelle’s style choice and subject matter varies from her favorite pop culture musical artists, movies and cartoons, to surreal inspired themes and abstract expressionism. The young artist is also the owner and founder of the brand Art by Kaspvr formally known as Art by Mistykh ; using apparel as another medium, she wanted not only to share her art but to represent the art community and inspire other artists.

Steven Rice _inkman.A1


Steven in a resident in Fort Lauderdale, Sistrunk area and one of th eprojetc's youngest artist. His platform is visual arts and he is also a tattoo artist. 

Andrew Gillum



Von. D. Mizell


Cherish - Mother of 3 and outstanding artist