About GNV Project

Graffitize not Vandalize; Paint on; Brush off.

What is the GNV Project

The Graffitize not Vandalize Project combats vandalism and allows future artist to focus on effective use of self-expression and artistic abilities by beautifying their community through art; specifically murals. GNV allows the community to have a voice and to be apart as they discuss a vision of the mural. The team then goes back to the round table;  The "Off-the-Wall" sessions where the team comes up with a theme and then a mock design that will be approved by owner of property. Once approved, we have our "On-the-Wall" sessions where the artists sketch the design and then the big event is where the community comes out to help paint it. After the event day; artists go back out to the wall and detail and once done, we unveil the mural to the community. 


One of our most successful stories was the story of Tremaine Johnson, who was a recent graduate from Dillard High School and wanted to further his career in Visual Arts at the VA in New York. He joined OCL and the GNV project in 2015 where he actually took lead artist to complete two murals. After completion of these murals we asked him to sign up for the Sistrunk Soup and he did and not knowing that his art would win, it did. There was someone in the audience that has a family member working at the school of VA in NY and they offered him a slot at Portfolio Week where he went and was told that he would need to come back next year. But, something happened two weeks later; he received a letter that stated they offered him a scholarship for $60,000 to go to school. Tremaine is in his Junior year. 

Share the big news

GNV Project recently called out to artists to come together and do a community mural in Phase 4 of Northwest Gardens in Sistrunk. Together the artists will create a mural with the theme, "Know Your Place in History." Artists will showcase their own median of work in efforts to score a bigger platform at the City Hall in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. The project is set to start in April 2018.